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Check Out the Fantastic New York Times review of Madeline's production of The Magic Flute at The Glimmerglass Festival here: At Glimmerglass Festival, Magic Flute is Among the Reimagined

Most Recent

Workshop Production of
The Neverland 
Written and Directed by Madeline Sayet

Krannert Center, Illinois

An indigenous centered re-imagining of Peter Pan 
Original Music by Ed Littlefield
Set by Emma Brutman

Costumes by Kelsea Andrade
Lighting by Zack Saunders
Media by M Ospina Lopez

Sound by Kayla Sierra Lee & Abbey Nettleton 
Photos by Darrell Hoemann
(or And Still She Must Rise Up)
Adapted and Directed by Madeline Sayet
November 2020
Butler University
Based on Antigone by Sophocles, re-imagined for our 2020 moment. 
Set by Rob Koharchik
Costumes by Megan Wiegand
Lighting by Bram Sheckels
Sound by Kelly Schmidt
Stage Management by DJ Barrett
Photos by Zach Rosing
Henry IV 1 & 2
Adapted and Directed by Madeline Sayet
Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Scenic Design by Kristen P. E. Zarabozo
Lights by Samuel Biondolillo
Costumes by Jessica Haswell
Sound by Katie Salerno
"Connecticut Repertory Theatre is fighting the good fight with its fresh, spirited and raw production of “Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2.” Sayet, CT Rep and a strong cast lift a history play into modern political theater territory." 
 - Review: Henry IV Wages Spirit War (And Practices Gender Equality) at CT Rep The Hartford Courant
The World Premiere of
Whale Song
by Cathy Tagnak Rexford
Perseverance Theatre
Directed by Madeline Sayet
Choreography by Hali Duran
Lights by Art Rotch
Sets by Akiko Rotch
Costumes by Asa Benally
Sound by Rory Stitt
"I’d argue the concept alone means the play written by Cathy Tagnak Rexford and directed by Madeline Sayet deserves to sell out Madison Square Garden
"Uniformly strong performances from the cast mean that it absolutely should draw full theaters in Juneau."
 - Juneau Empire
She Kills Monsters
by Qui Nguyen
Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Directed by Madeline Sayet
Puppets by Zachary Broome
Lights by Teddy Carraro
Sets by Anna Brewster
Costumes by Darby Newsome
Sound by Mitchell Prescott
"There are many laughs to be had. . . Light entertainment with dungeon dark themes."
"These are marvelous puppets, moving in ways you don't expect and adding a shiny frenzy to the show.
 - The Hartford Courant
SKM CT Rep 1
Ocus sitting.JPG
She Kills Monsters, CT Rep. Dragons


Sayet has directed critically successful new productions of The Magic Flute and the Coronation of Poppea
Poppea (The Coronation of Poppea)
Music by Claudio Monteverdi
Lyric Theatre at Krannert Center
Directed by Madeline Sayet
Costumes by Sharne Van Ryneld
Lights by Chris Wood
Scenic by Amber Shue
Projections by John Boesche
"The singing, scenery, and subject matter made this show especially helpful at the end of a particularly tough day." - Smile Politely, Illinois
Full Smile Politely Review Here 
"The Stage action was adroitly directed by Madeline Sayet" - John Frayne, News Gazette
More on Poppea Here in News Gazette

Poppea Video Interview

Monteverde's Poppea

Mozart's The Magic Flute

Glimmerglass Festival

New English Translation by Kelley Rourke

Director: Madeline Sayet

Conductor: Carolyn Kuan

Choreographer: Eric Sean Fogel

Scenic Design: Troy Hourie

Costumes: Kaye Voyce

Lighting: Mark Mcullough

"It was itself magical. With the goals of the spiritual trials now being self-discovery, self-possession and self-sufficiency, most of the pseudo-religious mystical baggage simply fell away.



Ms. Sayet’s direction is transparent and almost weightless. Once she sets her bold concept in motion, with Tamino in a business suit, lifted from his urban setting and dropped into the forest unawares, the rest of the action follows naturally." - James R. Oestreich, The New York Times


"Madeline Sayet’s enchanting production of “The Magic Flute,” taking its cues lightly from Native American tradition, is about finding wisdom and clarity in the natural world. Kelley Rourke’s charmingly fresh English translation sets the tone, eliminating the libretto’s anachronisms and the sexism but preserving its Enlightenment themes." - Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal

New Plays

Sayet has a nationally recognized career developing new plays that has included work at The Public Theater, The Lark Play Development Center, O'Neill Theater Center, TheatreSquared, Orlando Shakespeare, Perseverance Theatre, 59E59, HERE Arts, Ars Nova

As the seasons change and Persephone returns to the underworld, a mortal girl arrives at the same time asking questions that turn history upside down. The Fates have a game up their sleeve - they are tired, they need a vacation. But in order to leave, they have to give the stories they exploited back. In a whirlwind of events, Adam & Eve, Leda & the Swan, Helen, Clytemnestra, Iphigenia, and Electra all come together to choose their own destinies and finally tell their side of the stories that have instilled fear of feminine knowledge for far too long.

Written and Directed by Madeline Sayet

Starring: Lauren Annunziata, Alexandra Bailey, Andi Bohs, Claire Burke, Brett Hecksher, Michelle Honaker, Megan Lee, Pamela Weingarden

Set - You-Shin Chen

Costumes - Lux Haac

Lights - Evan Roby

Sound - Emily Auciello

Stage Manager - Jenn Jacobs

Photos by Isaiah Tannenbaum

Daughters of Leda 1
Daughters of Leda 2
Daughters of Leda 3
Daughters of Leda 4
Daughters of Leda 5
Daughters of Leda 6
Daughters of Leda 7
Daughters of Leda 8
Daughters of Leda 9
Daughters of Leda 10
Daughters of Leda 11
Daughters of Leda 12
Daughters of Leda 13
Daughters of Leda 14
Daughters of Leda 15
Daughters of Leda 16
Daughters of Leda 17
Daughters of Leda 18
Daughters of Leda 19
Daughters of Leda 20
Daughters of Leda 21
Daughters of Leda 22
Daughters of Leda 23

When Philbert, a local misfit, is asked to travel with Buddy to rescue Buddy's sister from jail, the unlikely pair set out on a roundabout journey from the Cheyenne Reservation in Montana to New Mexico. POWWOW HIGHWAY is a funny and heartfelt story about being there for each other and finding ones faith where you least expect it.

Powwow Highway, by William S Yellow Robe Jr,

Based on the novel by David Seals

Directed by Madeline Sayet

HERE Arts 

Katie McCartney is 18 and sick. After just one semester away at college, she is forced to return to the family home in the Tri-State Mining District to grapple with a debilitating illness. While in the hospital, Katie meets a member of the Quapaw Tribe, who encourages her to reclaim her own Native American roots. Katie learns that her illness and her identity are inextricably woven into the soil of the land. Set in and inspired by an EPA Superfund site in the Midwest, MISS LEAD is a cautionary tale of environmental malfeasance built on the back of a broken American dream.


by William Shakespeare
Delaware Shakespeare
Community Tour 
Directed by Madeline Sayet
Set by sculptural artist David Meyer
Music by Joe Trainor
Costumes by Amanda Wolff
(Ten Thousand Things model of performance)
As You Like It 1
As You Like It 2
As You Like It
As You Like It 3
As You Like It 4
As You Like It 5
As You Like It 6
As You Like It 7
Video of a dance break and laughing children from one of our tour locations 

"She's directed this company of nine players with effervescence, insight, and clarity."

- 'As You Like It': Shakespeare at its Clearest, Best  

Gail Obenreder, Delaware News Journal

"Madeline Sayet directed this production with economy - and the wit and charm this comedy needs."

- Walter Bilderback, DC Metro Theater Arts

Winters Tale
Winters Tale
Winters Tale
Winters Tale
Winters Tale
Winters Tale
Winters Tale
Winters Tale
Winters Tale
Winters Tale
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