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Madeline's Performance in Where We Belong at The Goodman Theatre was nominated for the 2022 Jeff Award for Best Solo Performance and received 4 out of 4 stars from The Chicago Tribune!!!!


Madeline has been cast as:

Young Hubert (Super Indian)

and Tech Wiz Amber Teeter 


The New Adventures of Super Indian

by Arigon Starr.


Airing this April from Native Voices at the Autry

Review of Where We Belong at Shakespeare's Globe

“Not only is Sayet joyfully emotional, real, and incredibly funny, she is a euphoric storyteller, with an important story and explication on cultural authority and experience to tell.” AsktheUshers

Review of Where We Belong at Shakespeare's Globe

“5 Stars, A spiritual journey - Sayet recounts with humbling passion - The Upcoming 

Review of Performance as Viola in Twelfth Night

"Fortunately charm is at the production's center in the person of Madeline Sayet playing Viola. This Viola approaches life as a sport." - Shakespeareances


2010 - present

2010 - present





Where We Belong                             Solo Show                        The Public Theater

Where We Belong                             Solo Show                        Seattle Rep

Where We Belong                             Solo Show                        Hudson Valley Shakespeare

Where We Belong                             Solo Show                        The Goodman Theatre

Where We Belong                             Solo Show                        Philadelphia Theatre Company

Where We Belong                             Solo Show                        Baltimore Center Stage

Where We Belong                             Solo Show                        Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

Tlingit Christmas Carol                    Christmas Future            Perseverance Theatre/ Vera Starbard

Where We Belong                             Solo Show                        Shakespeare's Globe

Where We Belong                             Solo Show                        RichMix London (Directed by Mei Ann Teo)

Up and Down the River.                  Mary Occom                     Hartbeat Ensemble       

Romeo and Juliet                               Juliet                                  Shakespeare Institute, Stratford Upon Avon, UK

Alls Well That Ends Well                   Parolles                             Access Theater NY

The Tempest                                      Stephano                          Brooklyn Lyceum/ Sylvester Manor

Twelfth Night                                     Viola                                   The Gene Frankel Theatre NY

Cedars                                                 Woman                             The Mirage Theatre Company

Measure for Measure                       Lucio/Barnardine            Kristin Horton

The Comedy of Errors                      Dromio of E. and S          Flock Theatre

A Dream Play                                     Quarantine Master          Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

The House of Pelops                         Pelops                                Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

Panther and Crane                            Crane                                 Puppets on the Sound/ Heather Henson

Panther and Crane                            Crane                                 Eugene O'Neill Theater Center


Native Pride (And Prejudice)             Lydia Bennet/Louisa   NNPN Showcase/ Megan Sandberg-Zakian

Midsummer Night's Dream               Puck                               Southwest Shakespeare/ Ty Defoe

The Frybread Queen                          Carlisle                           American Indian Community House/Ty Defoe

Bootheel                                               Silah/Six                        Arts Emerson/Andrew Saito/ Marissa Wolf

What Would Crazy Horse Do?           Journey Goodeagle     The Duke on 42nd St/Liesl Tommy

Hunka                                                    Nicole                            Nuyorican Poets Cafe/ Larissa Fasthorse

Manahatta                                            Jane Snake                    The United Nations/ Kate Whoriskey

Manahatta                                            Jane Snake                    The Public Theater/ Kate Whoriskey

EWG Evening of Excerpts                   Jane/ Sarah                   The Public Theater/ Niegel Smith

Love in a Time of Blood Quantum   Woman                          Poetic License Festival

Waaxe's Law                                         Bright Eyes                    The Newseum

Waaxe's Law                                         Bright Eyes                    The Eagle Project

Wood Bones                                         121                                 Playwrights Horizons

Wood Bones                                         Vera                               William Yellowrobe Jr.


BFA Theater  - New York University (Tisch School of the Arts/Atlantic Acting School)

MA - Arts Politics and Post-colonial Theory - New York University (Gallatin)

MA - Shakespeare & Creativity  - Shakespeare Institute, Stratford Upon Avon, UK


Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center 

Improv 101, 201, 301; Sketch 101, 201

Member of SAG-AFTRA

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