The Stories We Choose to Pass Down Shape Our Collective Possible Futures

Raised on traditional Mohegan stories and Shakespeare, Madeline Sayet is a director whose work is shaped by the idea of Story Medicine - the belief that every story we put into this world has the power to do real world harm or healing. What story do you wish you had heard growing up? How can theatre be used to transcend the world we are in and build a better future?

For her work as a stage director of new plays, classics, and opera - Madeline has been named a FORBES 30 UNDER 30 in Hollywood & Entertainment, a TED FELLOW, a MIT MEDIA LAB DIRECTORS FELLOWNCAIED NATIVE AMERICAN 40 UNDER 40, a recipient of THE WHITE HOUSE CHAMPION OF CHANGE AWARD from President Obama, the NATIONAL DIRECTORS  FELLOWSHIP, and a National Arts Strategies' CREATIVE COMMUNITY FELLOW. Madeline is the Executive Director of the Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program (YIPAP). Her directing work has been praised by the Wall Street Journal as "enchanting," and the New York Times admired the "transparent and almost weightless" fluidity of the worlds she builds. Her work promoting Native voices onstage has been featured in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, GOOD Magazine, and MENTAL FLOSS.  

Her solo performance piece Where We Belong recently premiered at SHAKESPEARE'S GLOBE and RichMix in London where it received 5 STARS from The Upcoming and was called "A spiritual journey-Sayet performs with humbling passion." Another review noted,"Not only is Sayet joyfully emotional, real, and incredibly funny, she is a euphoric storyteller, with an important story."

Madeline Sayet

In addition to her work as an artist, she is widely sought after as a public speaker and educator, having spoken at the TED conference, Yale, the MIT Media Lab, NYU, SHPO, etc. Please use the contact form for inquiries. 

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(Written and Performed by Madeline Sayet) 

" A spiritual journey-Sayet performs with humbling passion." 

- The Upcoming (Read the Full Review Here) 

Not only is Sayet joyfully emotional, real, and incredibly funny, she is a euphoric storyteller, with an important story and explication on cultural authority and experience to tell.” - AsktheUshers



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Adapted and Directed by Madeline Sayet 

Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

Nov 4-8th 2020

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Written and Directed by Madeline Sayet 

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Krannert Center, Illinois Fall 2021

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